Swedian Lie, Co-Founder and Co-EditorCO-FOUNDER AND EDITOR

Swedian Lie is a creative consultant/designer who specializes in political campaigns, advertising, digital marketing, and branding. He is also incredibly obsessed about & addicted to theatre, and satisfies that craving by either waxing lyrical about it… or actually doing it as a freelance director and/or designer. He is currently based in Washington, D.C. but you can usually find him in some coffee shop, somewhere in the world, at some point of the day (and the night). www.swedianlie.com


Natalie Gallagher is currently a graduate student in Northwestern University’s Psychology Department. She focuses her work on how people understand social phenomena, and especially how that relates to one’s navigation of multiple social/communal identities. Her alter ego works as a freelance theatre producer, scenic designer, and stage manager. For the rest of the time, she likes to meet new people, go hiking, explore cities, read books, count stars, and drink coffee.

Nora Rosengarten, EditorEDITOR

Nora Rosengarten is a first year master’s student at Williams College/The Clark Art Institute. Nora studies art functioning as social commentary in the 19th- and 20th-centuries, particularly transgressive print practices. Nora has dabbled in many art forms: creating sculpture, acting in plays, dancing, and inventing choreography for dance and theatre productions, but currently focuses on the art that can be found in a life of writing, reading, thinking, and daydreaming.

Joe Madsen, EditorEDITOR

Joe Madsen is a recent graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, where he received his master’s degree in Classics. Since graduating, he has functioned as a stage director, freelance writer, teacher, and waiter. He can also play guitar in every language. Future financial success pending, he will pen a gripping memoir called Aimlessness: Where Does It Lead?, with an audio edition available in Braille.

Alexandra Reale, EditorEDITOR

Alexandra Reale is a translation project manager by workday and a writer and athlete by all other hours. After graduating from Barnard with a degree in Linguistics and four years of Division 1 volleyball under her belt, she moved back to California, where she spends her time chasing her twin passions of creative nonfiction and beach volleyball. She loves reading and writing about dead musicians (sometimes alive ones too), and likes to think her love of road trips is Didionesque. Next on her list — more travel.



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