Anthony Reale is a director, writer, playwright, satirist, and legal analyst based in Los Angeles, California. He graduated with a double major in English Literature and Theatre with a focus in direction in 2019. Despite grand plans of “being famous and coasting on sponsorship money,” he has a day job.


Mickey Shin is from the Pacific Northwest. She likes zombie flicks, doing her nails, and farming simulator games. Mickey works in the labor movement and does creative stuff on the side. She is always taking recommendations for horror stories/comics.


Caroline AryaEDITOR

Caroline Ashford-Arya hails from Los Angeles but currently lives in Portland, Oregon where she is on a quest to find the best fried chicken sandwich the city has to offer. She takes digital photographs for work, film photographs for fun, and iPhone photographs of her pets. Caroline studied English Literature and Creative Writing in college and has plans to be deeply moved by the written word for the rest of her life.

Caroline BauwensEDITOR

Caroline Bauwens is an editor at SixByEight. She values second-hand bookstores, dental hygiene, and easy access to emergenC. Between work hours, she spends her time running around Brooklyn or catching up on her growing “to read” list. She has a soft spot for character-driven novels, characters with conviction, precise syntax and double meanings. A major goal of hers is to one day have a consistent general physician to go to.

Annelise EllingboeEDITOR

Annelise Ellingboe is a writer and musician who lives Somewhere In The Midwest. In her free time, she enjoys reading, discovering new podcasts, gardening, and scouring local thrift stores for high-waist pants. She also really loves her dog.


Ashlyn QuintusEDITOR

Ashlyn Quintus studied English and Theater at Whitman College. There she was Harper Joy Theater Publicist and a bookseller. Since the pandemic, she has spent time taking many a walk and writing based on prompts from the Poets Companion and Artists Way. She currently finds herself in the great city of Chicago, and works as a barista and still enjoys spending time alongside creatives.

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