A Letter from the Editors

When SixByEight Press first launched in those early months of 2016, there were a handful of people who we imagined — and hoped! — would be regular participants in this project; the foundation to its viability, so to speak. Kelley Kidd was top of the list. From our shared history as Georgetown alumni (Hoya Saxa!) and, more significantly, as members of the Georgetown theatre community, we knew that Kelley was not only a brilliant writer, but also an incredibly generous and creative individual whose energy we definitely wanted to be a part of SixByEight Press. It’s astonishing that it’s been two-and-a-half years since Kelley started writing with us, and two years to the month since she joined us more regularly as an editor.

September 2016 Email Announcing Kelley Kidd as Editor

September 2016 Email Announcing Kelley Kidd as Editor
Kelley Kidd, Editor

Kelley has seen this project grow from its early days on Squarespace — definitely fell for those podcast ads, damnit! — to its current form as a more refined and diverse publication. One of the major improvements she initiated was the introduction of creative work, beyond the traditional non-fiction pieces that populated the site’s content in its first year. Kelley wanted fiction (in all its shape-shifting glory) and she championed the growth of this project to accommodate that desire — to the point that we have our very first creative issue this month! She did all of this while still continuing to contribute regularly as a writer, notching up the most pieces written on our site since that very first issue on March 2016. It is very much her legacy that we have a plethora of creative pieces, from poems to short stories to plays, as a part of SixByEight Press today, and it is fitting that her last issue as editor is a creative one.

It is this passion for creativity that first inspired us to invite her into the editorial team, and it is that same passion that has led Kelley to decide to focus more on her writing. While it is bittersweet to have her leave the team, it is of great solace and excitement to us that she will continue to write with us and share her unique voice with our readers. We couldn’t be more thrilled to read and witness what Kelley does in the future, with us and beyond!

Joe Madsen and Alexandra Reale

As we bid a fond farewell to Kelley as an editor, we are beyond excited to welcome two incredible writers and creative souls into the editorial fold. Both Joe Madsen and Alexandra Reale have regularly contributed to our site over the years, and each bring a different and refreshing take on the type of stories and pieces that SixByEight can nurture. Joe’s clever wit and humor have been evident throughout the years we’ve known him as a member of the Georgetown theatre community, and Alex’s authentically curious voice — whether in introspection or in exploration — has amazed us in its ability to engage not only theoretically but also emotionally & personally. We look forward to working with them and continuing to look inquisitively with our performative perspective at the world around us, as only SixByEight Press can!

To thinking about the world theatrically,

Swedian, Natalie, and Nora


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